Charlie's Compost is organically produced from local chicken manure and is Certified Organic by the state of Kentucky.  It is concentrated plant fertilizer that will jumpstart the bioactivity and nutrient content of your soil.  If you want beautiful, healthy and vibrant plants or vegetables, this is the product for you!  The concentrated formula of our compost allows a small amount to fertilize even the most deficient soils.



Ingredients: Charlie's Compost is made from the finest quality compost inputs including vegetarian & antibiotic free chicken manure, bio char, organic grasses and residue from organic crop production.


Our organic certification means that our product is all-natural, safe and appropriate for use in the cultivation of organic vegetables, fruit and plants.



Why use compost instead of synthetic fertilizer?


Synthetic fertilizer addresses the "symptoms" of soil deficiency by dumping chemicals into the soil.  Compost "cures" soil deficiency by adding not only nutrients but more importantly the microorganisms and organic matter critical for soil health.



Charlie's Compost Tea is extracted from tea grade compost and worm castings.  Extract is then activated with activator pack.  The activator pack is a blend of seaweed extract, humid acid, mineral powder and a variety of botanicals.


The tea increases plant health with biological diversity in the soil and potting medium.  Using the compost & tea together will help you achieve the best results with our products!


Our performance has been proven in the lab and the garden!  Be sure to check out our photos and testimonials on our Happy Growers and Press pages or our reviews on Amazon. 


"Unequivocally, we have used Charlie's Compost in several of our studies in our landscaping business and our gardening business and it is second to none," the Garden Guy, Charles Stocker, live on FOX, Aug 17 2012


"Probably the best humic compost we have ever seen," the Garden Guy, landscaper Charles Stocker, live on FOX, Aug 17 2012


Off-the-charts "good" microorganism activity measured by the Soil Foodweb Laboratory.